About Nuword


There are over 6 million dyslexic people in the UK. NUword has been founded by dyslexic novelist Sally Gardner and one of our founding ideas is that it’s not dyslexic people that need to change but the way dyslexia is interpreted by society. Too many children and young adults give up, defeated by an education system that has little understanding of the talents they possess. NUword aims to open up a universal debate about dyslexia. Championing positive reinforcement from the point of diagnosis: assessing dyslexic thinkers by their strengths, not just their weaknesses.

The more we discover about the brain the more we understand the myriad forms that intelligence takes. Dyslexic thinking cannot be ‘cured’, nor should it be - It is NOT a ‘neurological disease’. We believe that dyslexic thought processes can help non-dyslexics to improve their visual-spatial awareness and creative drive, to help develop their picture thinking skills as well as teach holistic problem solving.

We want to redefine dyslexia by building a positive community online and beyond, to give a non-patronising voice to dyslexic thinkers of all ages. 

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